Tenured premiere, Tribeca Film Festival 2015

Tenured premiere, Tribeca Film Festival 2015


A Peculiar Thud, written & directed by Ross Morin (2016)
With: Malcolm Mills, David Jaffe
DoP: Matthew Herbertz -  Produced by: Kiltered Productions

Unrestricted View Film Festival. London, UK - 2017
DC Independent Film Festival,  Washington DC.  - 2017
Film Festival of Columbus. Columbus, OH - 2017
Motor City Nightmares International Film Festival. Detroit, MI - 2017

New Haven International Film Festival. New Haven, CT - 2017
Southeast New England Film, Music & Arts Festival. Providence, RI - 2017
Riverside International Film Festival - 2017
Short to the Point International Short Film Festival. Romania - 2017
Emerge Film Festival. Lewiston, ME - 2017
Damnationland, ME Film Festival - 2016

Serious Laundry, written & directed by Ken Webb (2017)
with: Michele Richardson, Jason Zednick, Tatiana Grey, Jeff Solomon, Michael Gentile, Malcolm Mills
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival - 2017 (Centerpiece Screening)

Shelter for the Bloodstained Soul, written & directed by Nicholas J. Wagner (2016)
With: Malcolm Mills, Maggie Williams, Elena Delia, Reed DeLise, Johnny Day, Bart Debicki, Adrian Iglesias
DoP: J. Michael Whalen - Produced by Bruiser Prince Productions
The Black Cat, D.C. - 2016

Running Condition, written & directed by Jeff Huston (2016)
With: Malcolm Mills, Anne-Marie Mueschke, Gore Abrams
DoP: Wigner Durate Produced by: Jeff Huston, Adielenah Perez, Disenfranchised Filmworks
Big Apple Film Festival 2016
California Independent Film Festival 2016

Tenured, directed by Chris Modoono, written by Chris Modoono & Gil Zabarsky (2015)
With: Gil Zabarsky, Kate Flannery, Kathleen Littlefield, Maddux Berry, Malcolm Mills, Marc Even Jackson, Emily Wilson, Mim Drew, Eden McCoy, Hannah McCloud
DoP: Tom Campbell - Produced by: Paul Bernon, David Brooks, Sev Ohanian, Sam Slater, Fox Digital Studios
*Tribeca Film Festival 2015
currently available on Netflix

Yikes, written & directed by Michael Fodera (2015)
With: Malcolm Mills, Dan Berkey, Paul Oddo, Al Thompson, Ashlee Mundy, Matthew Fodera, Kendra Lingerfelt and Daniel Fodera
DoP: Nicholas Galante - Produced by: Angel Acevedo, Michael Fodera, Nicholas Galante © 2015 Lunarcy Pictures, Inc.
*Vimeo Staff Pick
*Daily Short Pick, Film Shortage

Toronto Independent Film Festival 2015
Atlantic Film Festival 2015
Life Is Short, Oxaca Filmfest 2015
Manhattan Film Festival 2015
Los Angeles Cinefest 2015
Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival 2015
San Antonio Film Festival 2015

Austin Comedy Short Film Fest 2015 * Best Actor award
Flickers, Rhode Island IFF 2015
Miami Independent Film Festival 2015
NYC Picturestart Film Festival 2015

Career Opportunities in Organized Crime, written & directed by Alex Oshmyansky (2016)
With: Rick Irwin, Malcolm Mills, Andrzej Krukowski, Peter Patrikios, Michael Barra, Bill Chemerka
DoP: Chad Cooper - Produced by: Alex Oshmyansky, Erika Ostergaard
South by Southwest 2016 VR-AR
*available in 360-virtual-reality & standard film at www.ReelHouse.com

Another Life, written & directed by Mark Lammerding (2014)
With: Sosie Bacon, Eric Presnall, Donald Sage Mackay, Meagan Kensil, Alex Malcolm Mills
DoP: Philip Lima Produced by: Mark Wells, Adam Jenkins, Alyssa Forstmann
Dances with Films 2014
Action on Film IFF 2014
IFS Independent Filmmaker Showcase 2014
Chain NYC Film Festival 2014
Criff, Costa Rica Film Fesrival 2014
Hollyshorts 2014
Twain Hart Film Fest

One City Night, written & directed by Coralie Jeanquier (2014)
With: Anna Drezen, Martin Pfefferkorn, Boomer Tibbs, Alex Malcolm Mills, Linda 'Princess Billy' Hutchinson, Shaheed K. Woods
DoP: Nick Landa - Produced by: Catalina Vela
New Filmmakers Festival, Anthology Film Archives 2014

Everything Fred Tells Me Is True, directed by Eric Vitner, written by Adam Dickinson (2010)
With: Malcolm Mills (as Alex Mills), Jessica Frey, David Hummel, Jensen Jacobs, Alex Alessi, Neil Fein
DoP: Jason Barbosa - Produced by: Eric Vitner, Bruce Meyers, Melissa Whitley, Adam Dickinson
The Wicked Faire, NJ  2013

Shakespeare the Dead, directed by Tom Costello, written by Malcolm Mills (as Alex Mills)
Starring: Malcolm Mills, Gil Zabarsky, Seth Clayton, Willy Appelman, Jessica Frey, Kate Eastman, Mike Steinmetz, Mike Piazza
Produced by Pipeline Theatre Co., Meagan Kensil, Allison Smith
"Dream Up Festival 2010" - Theater for the New City


Ghost of Dracula, directed by Daniel Johnson, written by Kenneth Malloy
Starring: Eric James Kruger, Keilly McQuail, Eric Williams, Alex Malcolm Mills, Michael Donaldson
Produced by Colby Day, Burton Frey
Fringe NYC 2010, The Connelly Theater

Four Shorts by Ives, by David Ives, directed by Betsy Puelle
With: Alex Malcolm Mills, Catie Curry, Betsey Reinsborough, Mike Langan, Meghan Caufield, Andrew Allegretta, Alex Erickson
Yarmouth High School
Maine State Drama Festival 2006
New England Drama Festival 2006

Scenes from The Diviners, by Jim Leaonard, Jr. directed by Betsy Puelle
With: Alex Erickson, Alex Malcolm Mills, Peter Lord, Abby Barr, John Russel, Meghan Caufield
Yarmouth High School
Maine State Drama Festival 2005

Cleveland, by Mac Wellman, directed by Betsy Puelle
With: Abby Barr, Kate Caufield, Alex Malcolm Mills, Alex Erickson
Yarmouth High School
Maine State Drama Festival 2004